Cardinal Ritter High School

Cardinal Ritter Junior High

Dear Parents,

Since August 1989, Cardinal Ritter has welcomed seventh and eighth grade students looking to further their Catholic education. Through the integration  of 21st Century skill sets and critical thinking activities, students are challenged to predict and find answers to their questions through research, analysis, and project-based learning. With an understanding of how students learn best, we find ways to help every child succeed and prepare them for high school.  As you review our course offerings, you will find that as our students move from seventh to eighth grade, we begin offering academically leveled classes (Academic, Academic Plus, and Honors) in language arts, math, and science. These classes are designed to better serve the needs of the students enrolled in these classes. Additionally, we also offer a variety of high school dual classes to our eighth graders, as a means of continuously challenging students and allowing them the opportunity to begin earning high school credits even before they begin their freshman year. These classes include Algebra, Honors Algebra, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Biology, Honors Biology, Composition, French, and Spanish.

With the help of our guidance counselor, we see that every student transitions well into a high school setting and work with them as they adjust to block scheduling and changing classes.  During their study hall, we provide students with tips on organization, note taking skills, learning strategies, and time management.  With the help of our high school AVID tutors, we are able to provide more one-on-one assistance to students who may be struggling with some of their core classes. Additionally, once a week during our Advisor/Advisee period, we help students with test taking strategies, especially those needed for ISTEP+ testing, and regularly meet with students to discuss character development and career opportunities as students begin preparation for high school.

If at any time you have any questions about the curriculum, or are interested in learning more about our junior high, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mr. Trent Hinshaw
Junior High Coordinator