Cardinal Ritter High School


Honors Theology 7-8

2 Semesters / 2 Credit(s)

Semester 1: Catholic Social Teaching: In addition to providing a foundation in Catholic Social Teaching, this semester will examine the Papal and Magisterial Documents that articulate the Social Doctrine. The semester will also delve into the philosophical arguments that provide the structure for the Church’s Social thought.
Semester 2:  Science & Religion / World Religions: The first half of this semester will examine the dynamic relationship between faith and reason, particularly as it is manifested in the dialogue between science and religion. Cosmology, evolutionary science, and bioethics will all be examined briefly. The second half of the semester will provide a brief introduction to the major religions of the world and give students an opportunity to evaluate their basic tenets and practices through the lens of Catholic theology.

Theology 7-8

2 Semesters / 2 Credit(s)

Semester 1: Catholic Social Teaching: This semester provides an analysis of the Church’s efforts to promote authentic Justice in the realm of culture, economics, and government. The semester will also provide students with the theological background necessary to conduct research on a contemporary social issue, culminating with the Senior Project.
Semester 2: Christian Vocations: An in-depth look at the primary Christian vocations of Marriage & Family, Priesthood, and Consecrated Life.   This semester will also introduce students to the process of discernment, formation, and fulfillment of the various states of life.

Honors Theology 5-6

2 Semesters / 2 Credit(s)

Semester 1: The History of the Church & the Writings of her Saints: This semester will trace the development of Christian Doctrine and Practice from the Apostolic Era through the Contemporary age by analyzing writings of Saints in each age.
Semester 2: Catholic Morality & Theology of the Body: In addition to investigating the Church’s moral teaching, this semester will also introduce students to Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, a corpus of moral and theological teachings that address the proper understanding of human nature and sexuality.

Theology 5-6

2 Semesters / 2 Credit(s)

Semester 1: The Sacraments of the Church: This semester will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the seven channels of grace instituted by Christ in order to bring the Church and her members to everlasting life.
Semester 2: Catholic Morality: A survey of the sources and expressions of Christian morality, including Sacred Scripture and Tradition. This semester will encourage students to discern the will of God and see the benefit of abiding in it.

Theology 3-4

2 Semesters / 2 Credit(s)

Semester 1: The Paschal Mystery: This semester closely examines the necessity and saving action of Christ’s Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension.
Semester 2: The Church: A study of the Nature, Structure, and Mission of the Church. This semester will help students understand how the Church is organized, its functions, and how it carries out its ministry.

Theology 1-2

2 Semesters / 2 Credit(s)

Semester 1: Jesus Revealed in Sacred Scripture: An examination of the Bible that will helps students see how Jesus Christ is foretold in the Old Testament and his coming fulfilled in the New Testament.
Semester 2: God, the Blessed Trinity: A doctrinal exploration of the great mystery of the Christian faith and how God who is three-in one. In this semester, students will analyze how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are active in the creation, salvation, and sanctification of the world.