Cardinal Ritter High School



Every year it’s getting harder and harder to keep tuition affordable for all. By supporting our endowment and our SGO, you are helping to ensure that we can provide
a Catholic education to all West Deanery students and beyond.
Thank you for helping us sustain Cardinal Ritter’s growth and keep tuition prices affordable for all.

Technology & STEM

The future careers of today’s students will require technological know-how. We are committed to preparing our students for the ever evolving work force. We have integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) courses into the curriculum and increased student access to devices and programs. These courses and activities like the Robotics Team
exemplify the technological savvy of many of our students.
Your support has helped our students move towards the cutting-edge of technology.

Curriculum Development

Over 98% of the Class of 2013 went on to higher education. It is imperative that we continue to prepare students for their post-secondary careers. Here are some of the courses we’ve added: Engineering Fundamentals, Information Technology, Personal Finance,
Web Design, Medical Terminologies, Organic Chemistry, Chinese and Arabic.
Your support has helped us offer diverse and rigorous courses.

Campus Ministry & Service Learning

Faith ultimately drives everything we do at Cardinal Ritter. The Campus Ministry program facilitates liturgy, penance, and communion services, as well as class retreats for all high school students. The Service Learning program has grown to reach all corners of the student body and has elicited impressive action. It is the Service Learning program
that turns our learners into community leaders.
Your support has helped us develop today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders.

Facility Improvement

It is important that our students are nurtured in a place that allows them to express their gifts and talents. Up-to-date facilities are a requirement of that environment. The CREATE Campaign has already helped fund a professional-grade athletic field, a beautiful chapel and adornments, air conditioning units in all but three classrooms, and much-needed renovations
throughout the school. This is tremendous progress but we are not finished. 
Your support with our facility renovations has helped make a home for our Raiders.