Cardinal Ritter High School

Educational Travel

Cardinal Ritter’s Educational Travel Program helps bring education to life by providing our students with the opportunity to experience new cultures and traditions from all over the world! Know what it’s like stand in the middle of the Roman Coliseum like the ancient gladiators. Feel the breeze of the cool night wind as you take a cruise on the Seine River. Observe the masterful brushstrokes of Michelangelo inside the Sistine Chapel. All of these opportunities and more are at your fingertips when you attend Cardinal Ritter High School. Students even have the capability to receive a high school elective credit.


June 2006 – England (London), France (Paris, Versailles), Italy (Rome, Assisi, Vatican City, Florence)
April 2008 – Mexico
June 2010 – Italy (Rome, Vatican City, Assisi, Pisa, Florence), Switzerland (Lucerne), France (Paris, Versailles)
June 2012 - London, France (Paris, Loire Valley, Saintes & Bordeaux, Arachon & Biarritz), Spain (Pamplona, Barcelona)


All 8th grade through Senior year students are eligible for this trip.  The itinerary has stops planned in the French and Italian Rivieras then on to Barcelona.  They'll see 3 separate cathedrals and visit the Prince's Palace in Monaco. Contact the Educational Travel Director Abbie Haley ( for more information.


"The trip to Europe was definitely the highlight of my summer! On June 10th we traveled to Rome and then spent the next four days touring all over Italy. We ventured to the Vatican, the Roman Forum, Assisi, and Florence. Then we took a bus to Lucerne, Switzerland. In Lucerne, my main souvenir was chocolate! From there we drove to Paris and spent about two days there. One of the days we went to the Palace of Versailles which was absolutely beautiful! On our last day in Paris we had time to explore the city with our friends – many of us went to famous art museums like the Louvre. My favorite memory of the trip would be when we went on a nighttime boat tour down the Seine River in Paris. Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night was something I will never forget!" -Claire Stuper (Rome, Paris, and The Swiss Alps 2010)