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Cardinal Ritter students and teachers use Edmodo for online learning. On this platform, students and teachers communicate with one another about assignments and upcoming exams. Edmodo is also used to share other kinds of information about school functions or guidance matters. Now, parents have the option to create an Edmodo account to join the conversation. Parents, download the instructions to join Edmodo.


FamilyLink is the platform that allows parents to log online and see their students' grades.


E-Learning Day at CRHS

An E-Learning day allows for instruction and learning to continue for a student at home in the event of an unexpected cancellation of a regularly scheduled school day.

How do I start?
To begin learning, log into Edmodo. Teachers will post all learning objectives and course content by 9:00 AM. Remember, you are responsible for all classes that were regularly scheduled for the missed school day.

How will teachers take attendance?
Attendance is based off of submission of assignments. Students must submit their assignments for credit and to be counted as present.

Will my work be graded?
Yes. All student work will be graded. You are required to submit all coursework as defined by your teachers.

When is my work due?
Work is due at the date and time that is defined by the teacher.

What if I have a question?
All teachers are available for questions between 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Teachers will make every effort to answer questions within one hour. 





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