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Luke Allard

Luke Allard | Phone: 317-924-4333 x501

Departments: Science

Education: BS Biology

Claire Anderson

Claire Anderson | Phone: 317-924-4333 x515

Departments: English

Education: BA English

Troy Ballou

Troy Ballou | Phone: 317-924-4333 x413

Departments: PE/Health

Education: BA Physical Education, BA Health Education

Additional: Varsity Track Coach

Anthony Basso

Anthony Basso | Phone: 317-924-4333 x502

Departments: Theology

Education: BA Theology/Religious Studies

Maureen Bell

Maureen Bell | Phone: 317-924-4333

Departments: Science

David Bowker

David Bowker | Phone: 317-924-4333 x546

Departments: Learning Support

Education: BS Public Affairs

Maureen Brunner

Maureen Brunner | Phone: 317-924-4333 x533

Departments: Computer Science

Education: Master of Library Science, MS Teaching & Leadership, PhD(c) Educational Studies

Sherri Bryant

Sherri Bryant | Phone: 317-924-4333 x504

Departments: Science

Education: MS Pharmacy

Andy Cain

Andy Cain | Phone: 317-924-4333 x505

Departments: Mathematics

Education: BA Mathematics, BS Secondary Ed., MS Educational Leadership

Sam Cavanaugh

Sam Cavanaugh | Phone: 317-924-4333 x506

Departments: Social Studies

Education: BA Sociology, BS Social Studies Education

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