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Kelsey Ciresi

Kelsey Ciresi | Phone: 317-924-4333 x543

Departments: Mathematics

Education: BS Mathematics

Additional: Years at CRHS: 5

Owen Duckett

Owen Duckett | Phone: (317) 924-4333 x 512

Departments: Theology

Education: BA Philosophy

Laura Elzey

Laura Elzey | Phone: 317-924-4333 x511

Departments: World Languages

Education: BS Business Administration, Minor Spanish

Additional: Years at CRHS: 9

Joe Esposito

Joe Esposito | Phone: (317) 924-4333 x 507

Departments: Mathematics

Education: BS Accounting

Laura Finke

Laura Finke | Phone: 317-924-4333 x545

Departments: Learning Support

Education: BS Physical Education, Health & Safety

Additional: Years at CRHS: 16

Lydia Godsil

Lydia Godsil | Phone: 317-924-4333 x509

Departments: English

Education: BA Secondary Education and English

Additional: Years at CRHS: 4

Brittany Haworth

Brittany Haworth | Phone: 317-924-4333 x516

Departments: World Languages

Education: BA Latin Education

Additional: Years at CRHS: 4

Amanda Helman

Amanda Helman | Phone: 317-924-4333 x513

Departments: English

Education: BS English, MA English Studies

Additional: Years at CRHS: 3

Josh Hubert

Josh Hubert | Phone: (317) 924-4333 x 508

Departments: Social Studies

Education: BA Economics

Brenda Jackson

Brenda Jackson | Phone: 317-924-4333 x519

Departments: Fine Arts

Education: BA Communication Science, MA Speech & Dramatic Arts

Additional: Years at CRHS: 22

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