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Jia (Jenny) Jing

Jia (Jenny) Jing | Phone: 317-924-4333 x520

Departments: World Languages

Education: MA Education

Additional: Years at CRHS: 7

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson | Phone: 317-924-4333 x521

Departments: Business & Technology

Education: BA Technical Management, MBA

Additional: Years at CRHS: 7

Tony Jones

Tony Jones | Phone: 317-924-4333 x523

Departments: Mathematics, Social Studies

Education: BS Business Administration, BS Economics

Additional: Years at CRHS: 13

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones | Phone: 317-924-4333 x522

Departments: World Languages

Education: BA Spanish Secondary Education

Additional: Years at CRHS: 16

Kari Jost

Kari Jost | Phone: 317-924-4333 x525

Departments: Principal; English

Education: BA English

Additional: Years at CRHS: 8

Thomas Kauffmann

Thomas Kauffmann | Phone: 317-924-4333 x517

Departments: Social Studies

Education: BA History, M.Ed Secondary Education (Social Studies)

Additional: Years at CRHS: 3

Anne Kochell

Anne Kochell | Phone: 317-924-4333 x524

Departments: FACS

Education: MSN Nursing Administration; PM Primary Health - Adult Nurse Practitions

Additional: Years at CRHS: 3

Erin Koester

Erin Koester | Phone: 317-924-4333 x526

Departments: Mathematics

Education: BS Secondary Math Education

Additional: Years at CRHS: 16

Steven Kudla

Steven Kudla | Phone: (317) 924-4333 x 541

Departments: Social Studies

Education: Masters

Kelly Leyba

Kelly Leyba | Phone: 317-924-4333 x527

Departments: Fine Arts, Music

Education: BA Music and Pastoral Music Ministry, MA Teaching

Additional: Years at CRHS: 5

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